Home Automation

North Fork Custom Audio Video can customize and automate any system in your home. Our automated lighting and temperature control systems can benefit any home or business. Automated climate control systems provide comfort, efficiency and perfect climate control. Automated lighting solutions can accent different rooms, enhance safety and security, and save energy.

We feature the most sophisticated automation systems, including Lutron and Vantage.

Home automation provides convenience and ease.

For those households that adhere to a strict orthodox living environment, lighting systems can be designed for specific automation according to day, week, or month.

We also feature motorized shades that can be controlled with the touch of a button, for the perfect balance of natural light that will accent any window and room in your home.

These advanced automation systems can be controlled remotely through various devices including phones, tablets or computers.  Home automation systems increase comfort, flexibility and give you complete control over the lighting and climate within your home or business.

Start towards automating your home.